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Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Benarkah pasangan Khuntoria adalah Pasangan Pencemburu?

Pada siaran terbaru dari berbagai program MBC We Got Married, sepertinya pasangan Khuntoria, Victoria f(x) dan Nichkhun 2PM menyatakan kecemburuan terhadap satu sama lain. Pasangan ini bersama  sambil menunggu untuk konser 2PM di Busan dimulai. Nichkhun bahkan menyuapi Victoria eskrim layaknya suami yang sangat mencintai istrinya. Dan sambil berkata "aaaahhh" sambil tertawa dengan sendok di tangan di samping mulutnya. Victoria kemudian membicarakan topik yang melibatkan sesama anggota band Chansung, dimana Nichkhun memintanya menjawab siapa anggota favoritnya di 2PM dan dia cepat menanggapi dengan cepat "Chansung, karena dia sangat manis". "Kemudian Victoria bertanya,"Dimana anggota yang lain?" lalu Nickhun merasa cemburu, lalu ia membalas"Mengapa mengapa mengapa mengapa? ". Dengan malu-malu dan menaruh wajahnya di tangan," Aku ingin melihat Chansung ". Nichkhun terdiam tetapi jelas dapat diihat darah mendidih dalam kecemburuan dari matanya. Sementara Victoria bercanda mencoba untuk menutupinya dengan mengatakan "tidak tidak tidak", dengan tiket konser yang telah diberikan untuknya.

Victoria mengawasi suaminya dengan kegembiraan dan bernyanyi bersama selama konser, dan kemudian tiba-tiba, matanya melotot melihat sesuatu, apa itu? rupanya karena Nichkhun berada di panggung dengan seorang penari perempuan; yang menari agak dekat dengan dia. Dapatdilihat di mata Victoria's bahwa ia sedang cemburu dengan ekspresi wajah  yang tertangkap kamera.

Segmen Solo Nichkhun, 3Bears, membuat semua orang tertawa, termasuk Victoria. Dia kemudian mengungkapkan dalam wawancara bahwa ia meyanyikan lagu itu tertentu karena istrinya Victoria. Dia melanjutkan dengan mengatakan bahwa ia baru-baru ini melihat Victoria menampilkan lagu ini di sebuah acara TV dan ia terinspirasi. Kemudian dia menambahkan, "dia sangat manis".

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010


Karena minggu lalu ada pertandingan baseball, maka siaran Inkigayo ditunda. Jadi Inkigayo minggu ini ada 2 grup yang menang. 2NE1 menerima Mutizen award untuk ‘Go Away‘. Kemenangan 2NE1 ini juga membuat sejarah dengan kemenangak keempat secara berturut2 sejak Inkigayo menerapkan peraturan 3x kemenangan. Kemenangan 2NE1 yang ketiga kali sebelumnya untuk  ‘Can’t Nobody’ dan yang keempat ini untuk  ‘Go Away’. Sedangkan untuk SHINee ini adalah kemenangan yang ketiga setelah dua kali sebelumnya untuk lagu Lucifer.  




Vintage Fairy Title: 장난스런 키스 / Mischievous Kiss
Vintage Fairy 
Also known as: Playful Kiss
 Vintage Fairy Genre: Romance, school
 Vintage Fairy Episodes: 16
 Vintage Fairy 
Broadcast Network: MBC
 Vintage Fairy 
Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-1st until TBA
 Vintage Fairy Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
 Vintage Fairy Related TV shows: Itazura na Kiss, It Started With A Kiss 

Vintage Fairy Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese manga Mischievous Kiss. Brought to you by Group Eight (Goong and Boys over Flowers).  The drama has previously been made ifor Japenese and Taiwanese audiences and they both were a huge success!
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Vintage Fairy Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy.  An earthquake destroys the girl's home and she and her dad end up living with the boy's family.  The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other. 
How will this drama end?

Vintage FairyMain CastVintage Fairy

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Vintage FairyOther CastVintage Fairy

Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra
Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee
Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang
Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi
Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo
Song Yong Shik as Song Ji Oh
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri
Yoon Seung Ah as Go Min Ah
Hwang Hyo Eun as Song Kang Yi
Moon Hoe Won as Head Teacher Hwang
Bye Bye Sea as Bong Joon Gu’s idols

 if u want to watch online with english sub and other subtitle, visit this link !

[Midnight Drama] Playful Kiss Ep 14 Official Photos

>>Source : imbc

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Super Junior Featured in Kyochon 2011 Calendar

A few more blinks before we cross into a brand new year, and Kyochon Chicken wants you to mark it with a Super Junior calendar.
As the chicken brand’s official endorsers, idol group Super Junior has already filmed a CF, and now they are completing the task with a Kyochon 2011 calendar.
Scroll down to the pictures below and check out your favorite Super Junior members in their holiday hats, happy and grinning at you through the lenses. Makes you just a little bit more excited for the New Year, doesn’t it?


SHINEE (lagi)

i think they look so cute, are they ??

*minho oppa SARANGHAEYO

JYJ vows brand new beginning to fans

The three former member of the hit group TVXQ ave returned as JYJ. The new band performs during a showcase held at Korea University, Tuesday. From left, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jae-joong and Jun-su. / Courtesy of Prain
By Han Sang-hee

The end usually opens the door for a new beginning. For boy band JYJ, however, a new beginning reflects many things: the past, the present and the future.
JYJ is comprised of Hero Jae-joong, Micky Yoochun and Jun-su, the former members of one of Korea's and Asia's favorite boy bands TVXQ. After a long feud with their former agency SM Entertainment regarding "slave contract" issues, the three idol stars have finally launched a brand new band, poised to leap again with a new album and a showcase in Seoul.
The three may have left the group, but their fans certainly haven't left them. Some 10,000 fans packed the Hwajeong Stadium, Korea University, from top to bottom Tuesday night, to the extent where it was a bit worrisome. The area filled up instantly with young fans resembling pouring soda into a cup, and while the fans in the front dangled on the security guardrail, the ones in the back constantly moved forward to find a better position to watch the stars.
As soon as the lights went out, the three members appeared center stage, all dressed in black with rather determined expressions on their faces.
Without saying a word to the cheering fans, the trio sang "Empty", a track composed by famed producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkens. The funky electronic number with a catchy punch is one of the 10 tracks that will be on the group's first album "The Beginning".
All recorded in English, the new record was produced by Jerkens himself, who has worked with some of the world's most famous artists including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, while some songs were written by hip-hop artist Kanye West as well as the band members.
"This (was) a very special project for us", the producer said during a short video of the trio recording an album in Los Angeles, and it was easy to see that the experience of working with top musicians helped the members bring out a new side ― groovy and sophisticated with a hint of hip-hop.
As soon as the trio continued with the track "Be the One", it was easy to see that they were in pretty good shape. Their vocals were almost flawless: not too strong and rough like their previous TVXQ number "Mirotic", but a lot smoother and easier to listen to. Having only three voices, compared to the original five, did create a bit of a void, but JYJ managed to fill it with fancy and fluent dance moves. Micky Yoochun's performance was particularly meaningful, as the 24-year-old has been working on his moves and vocals while shooting the currently airing drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal".
The R&B number "Be My Girl" was a present for their fans, and it was evident the audience loved every minute of it as they screamed and reached out when the singers crooned "you should be mine".
Throughout the showcase, which included two more songs plus the original soundtrack number from Micky Yoochun's television drama, it was hard not to notice the excitement, joy and also some nerves on the three members' faces. Nervous and complicated their minds may be, however, the concert was the perfect way to show fans, and the world, that they were starting all over, feud or no feud.
"The only way for us to communicate with our fans was through an album. I was worried if we would be able to continue to bring that channel to all of you, but now I think we can", Jun-su said during a short interview session.
At one point, the young men looked as if they would cry, but they held back their tears and assured their fans that they were back, and back for good.
"Thank You", Hero Jae-joong started out but gave a long pause.
"There has been a lot going on and I believe there will be much more happening soon. We wanted to go on stage so bad and it was hard not being able to do so. We want to get busy and create something that you can all relate to and this record is the start of that vow", he said.
The video they shot in LA showed the three singers rehearsing with artists and the producer. For the fans, this was indeed a treat since it was the first official video that showed them what they have been doing for the past months. With the local press making various speculations concerning their relationship with TVXQ and their former agency, the video assured fans that the young artists were not just reading media articles, depressed and killing time, but were actually working hard to bring something completely new, especially for the fans.
"We wanted to hold the microphone. All the albums we have worked on have special meanings, but this one required more thought and worries. We are so happy to be busy and we are grateful to the fans that helped us get back on track. Thank you", Micky Yoochun said, waving to the crowd.
The group, whose new album can now be found in major record shops, will continue the showcase tour in nine different locations, including Thailand and the United States.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment filed an injunction on Oct. 8 to prohibit the sales of JYJ's new album. The agency said Wednesday that signing a contract with C-JES Entertainment was prohibited before any ruling on the case.

>>Source : ( English Korean )

Komentar Jang Geun Suk tentang Moon Geun Young

Jang Geun Suk yang akan kembali ke layar kaca berjudul Mary Stayed Out All Night mengatakan ia sangat berdebar2 karena akan berakting dengan Moon Geun Young. Jang berujar “Saya punya harapan besar terhadapnya karena usia kami sama.”
Perwakilan agensinya berkata “Jang Geun Suk sedang syuting Mary Stayed Out All Night.” Dia akan menunjukkan sisi berbeda dari You’re Beautiful.
Jang akan memainkan karakter yg sangat jauh berbeda dari si Mr. Perfect Tae Kyung, dengan karakter yg lebih santai dan berjiwa bebas. Dan katanya dia akan menunjukkan versi lain dirinya dengan berakting menjadi lawan main Moon Geun Young.